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Dental diamond bur FG for dental clinic dentist

Dental diamond bur FG is made of stainless steel and diamond. It’s used for Preparation of cavities,Treatment of fillings, Preparation of crowns.


Dental diamond bur FG is made of stainless steel and diamond. It’s used for Preparation of cavities,Treatment of fillings, Preparation of crowns.


Diamond bur FG  for dental clinic
Color Grit Code introduction
Blue Medium TF:Taper flat end;     TR:Taper round end

TC:Taper conical end;  FO:Flame ogival end

SF:Straight flat end ;   SO:Straight ogival end

EX: External Special shape;  BR:Ball round

BC:Ball collar type     DI:Double inverted cone

SI:Single inverted cone WR:Wheel round edge

Black Super coarse
Green Coarse
Red Fine
Yellow Extra fine


1.Coarse grit diamond bur is used for mass operation

2.Fine grit diamond bur is used for r wearing and polishing surface of the prepared tooth.
3.Short shank diamond bur is  For the opening of a smaller, particularly in the areas of the molar teeth preparation or fat pad in patients with abnormal hypertrophy of the molar teeth preparation area.
4.Long shank diamond bur is for clinical crown longer gingival 1 / 3 prepared tooth area.
5.Shoulder burs. Such burs only in its design at the top end of dianmond particles for dressing the prepared tooth neck margin shoulder
6.Diamond burs with slender instrument and long, narrow neck Guarantee better exposure operation vision, dental prepared accurately to the deep dentin transition, ensure minimum damage to the teeth.
7.It is also can be used asglass drill bits,diamond drill bits, jewelry drill bits, engraving bits, carving bits.


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1.Can I buy 1 set for testing?

Sure. We accept 1set sample order for testing.

2.How to pay payment?

We can accept Bank TT,Western union, Paypal.

3.How many days can deliver goods?

1--500pieces :1--3days
>500pieces:about one week

4.Can I do OEM?

Yes, it’s ok to use your logo.


1.Made of natural diamond powder with high hardness to guarantee the sharpness of burs.
2.The shanks are made of top-grade stainless steel, which are hard and tensile and don’t break or bend easily or never rusty.
3. Use for cutting, polishing teeth or other mental or plastic materials.
4. The diamond burs are consist of shank and working head .
5. The shank is made of stainless steel,the working head is electroplated with Nickel titanium and diamond grit .no sterilization.
6.It could be disinfected under the high temperature and high pressure.
7.The maximum speed is 400000RPM

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